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Meet the Trust Builder Team

Roger Ferguson

Innovator, Author, Process Improvement Pro

Not your typical HR guy, Roger focuses on the bottom line impact HR can have on organizations.  He and his teams have documented process improvement savings of almost $10M on one US Army project in Afghanistan.   With over 33 years of experience in HR and Operations with two Fortune 500’s – JP Morgan Chase Bank and The Fluor Corporation, Roger has seen a lot and is willing to share.

Doug Thorpe

Executive Coach, Small Biz Expert, Author

Struggling to bring your business to the next level?  Doug can help.  Military Officer, Banking Leader, and Serial Entrepreneur, Doug is a “been-there-done-that” kind of Coach for businesses of all sizes. From his executive experience he understands both the bottom line financials as well as the people side of the equation. Whether Fortune 500 or small business, Doug’s coaching has helped owners and leaders realize tangible results.

Melissa Ortiz

Employee Engagement and Profitability Expert

Melissa’s expertise is making the “intangibles” in business TANGIBLE. Elements like talent, fit-to-role, employee engagement; all these factors offer a direct path to building trust, employee retention, and profitability. Melissa launched her Human Capital career with Gallup, the world’s leader in behavioral economics. While at Gallup she worked primarily with Fortune 500 businesses like Waste Management and American Airlines but left Gallup to pursue work with smaller, more nimble organizations using the same world-class approach.

Be a Trust Builder

When you join our tribe of followers, you become a Trust Builder. It’s a movement to change the way we work. Leaders anywhere can be a Trust Builder. You just need the process that has been proven effective by giants like ExxonMobil, Coca-Cola, and UPS. It works for teams of any size, regardless of work function and industry.

Why? Because it answers key questions your PEOPLE bring to work.
Join today. Be a Trust Builder.