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Building Trust

Looking for ways to get more from your team?
Traditional team building methods don’t get to the root cause of weak team performance.

Recent studies have shown that “psychological safety” has been identified as the key reason high performing teams exist.
A simple word for that is “TRUST”.

Employees who trust each other and trust the boss are simply willing to do more.

But how do you build trust?


team trust culture

Why Trust Matters

Think about how you find trust in relationships, any relationship. 

You ask and probe with questions. If the other person answers the questions with something you can accept and appreciate, then they actually do what they say they will, you start to trust them more.

From the manager’s view, your team asks questions. Answering those questions with clear, concise information is the key to building trust. Then your actions must follow the answers you gave.

The Team Trust Model provides a clear framework for grouping all of the questions any employee may bring. Leaders who follow this framework can deliver complete responses to all of the questions. 

It is a process that can be followed to achieve tangible results.

The Team Trust Model has been used at global brands like Coca-Cola, ExxonMobil, UPS, and Fluor.
Leaders there have helped their teams gain clarity, focus and better engagement by understanding the core principles for building trust. The Model helps leaders shape their vision, thoughts, and leadership styles to be able to deliver on becoming a Trust Builder.

Now it’s your turn.

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“Trust at Work” is here!!

Purchase the book and get introduced to the full Team Trust Model. Learn ways it can help your team. Leaders use this book to become Trust Builders.

Trust at Work Mastery

Walk your entire team through the
Team Trust Culture Model.
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Learn all of the principles, concepts, and tools used to build high-performing teams and hear live examples and case studies on how you can improve your team quickly.

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Want to see where your team stands?

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Use Our Coaching

You can fast track the whole Trust at Work implementation by calling on our team of qualified coaches to help you. We provide one-on-one leadership and executive coaching for owners, executives and managers. Plus we can work with your entire team to show them the model. Learning can be faster and to the point, creating tangible results for your team.